Notas de prensa – 8 abril 2022

SEPIDES enters the shareholding of Sateliot with a stake of 4.6%

With a contribution of 1.5 million euros, SEPIDES becomes the new financial partner of Satellites, It comes within the framework of its growth plan that contemplates an investment of 300 million euros for the commercial deployment of a constellation of up to 250 nanosatellites

Barcelona, March 2022. SEPIDES, the company which is part of the Sociedad de Participaciones Industriales (SEPI), a public body which depends on the Ministry of Finance, has entered with a 4.69% participation in the shareholding of Sateliot, the company which will put into orbit the first commercial constellation of 5G-IoT nanosatellites.

With a contribution of 1.5 Million Euros, SEPIDES becomes a financial partner of Sateliot within the framework of its growth plan which includes an investment of 300 Million Euros for the commercial deployment of a constellation of up to 250 nanosatellites for democratizing the Internet of Things under the 5G standard.

The institution participates in Sateliot’s capital through GERMINA CAPITAL SEPI, FCR, one of its investment funds through which it invests in start-ups and growing companies, with development potential in areas such as telecommunications, thus assessing the dynamizing effect of the project on the economy or its contribution to sustainable development.

It joins Indra, Cellnex and other new partners.

In this way, SEPIDES also joins other important partners, such as Indra and Cellnex, which have participated in its Series A by joining the company’s capital as shareholders and industrial partners, with a participation of 9.39% and 3.13%, respectively.

Consequently, Sateliot has recently been granted a participatory loan by Enisa, which depends on the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism and is dedicated to the alternative financing of innovative business projects, amounting to 640,000 euros for the launch of its second nanosatellite; a second boost to the project that was already financed with a first line of financing of 200,000 euros in its first stages in 2019.

Sateliot, which plans to launch its second nanosatellite at the end of this year, expects to start its commercial service in 2023, reaching a turnover of €1 billion and an Ebitda of €370 million in 2025. To this end, the company is already finalizing agreements with global telecommunications operators with a portfolio of more than 1 billion customers.

Sateliot is the first satellite telecommunications operator to provide global and continuous connectivity to all the elements that will make up the Internet of Things (IoT) universe under the 5G protocol. Thanks to a constellation of state-of-the-art nanosatellites, located at low altitude and acting as mobile towers from space, Sateliot is the perfect complement to large telecommunications companies by providing them with the necessary infrastructure to extend their coverage where terrestrial technologies do not reach. More information in our webTwitter y LinkedIn.

Carolina Morales
Carolina Morales

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